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Lady Py'Pa

Devotedk9s puppies are not your average pet store or local backyard breeders puppies. They are top quality pure breeds that have show and service quality whichever character you prefer.

I accidentally stumbled upon Devotedk9s by a miracle, and my life's been changed ever since. I've been treated like a King with the utmost respect like being treated like royalty. I can and have reached out anytime of day and night with questions without hesitation. I also have other litter mates I keep in touch with. Devotedk9s are honest, loyal and committed to the three qualities I've learned to live and work by in my 21 years of Naval service.

They are devoted to the pure breed and their practice is not for money, but to add a family member to your home for years to come.

Sincerely, Emerson Graves